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We are so excited to bring you TwoSees.

TwoSees are like onesies with a “rear” view. An opening on the back allows you to check your baby’s diaper for poop on the “go” without having to remove his pants.

TwoSees are made of pure white 100% 7.5 oz interlock cotton, on the thicker side, pretty stretchy, and very soft. The easy-peek opening at the waistband is overlapped and vertical so it naturally stays closed under baby’s pants.

The lap shoulder makes it easy to get the shirt over your baby’s head, and the wide bottom and full crotch will totally cover the diaper. All the bindings are double stitched, and the inner seams are finished for added comfort.

Since they’re pure cotton, TwoSees will shrink in the dryer. After it’s washed and dried, the 6-12 month size should fit a baby up to 20 lb while the 12-18 month size should take baby up to 26 pounds.

Baby bodysuits weren’t around when my kids were little, but I’ve cared for enough grandbabies, nieces, nephews and friends’ babies to know what a pain it can be to wrestle them to the floor to check for a poopy diaper.

Because you can check your baby’s butt through an easy-peek opening on the back, there will be:

  • NO MORE stopping what you’re both doing for a poop check.
  • NO MORE having to wrestle him away from his toys to lie him down, pull down his pants, lift up his leg, and stick your finger into the diaper to see if he needs a change.
  • NO MORE wasted trips to public restrooms because you “smell something.”

We all know what the “sniff test” is. It’s when you bring your baby’s butt up to your nose and take a whiff to see if he pooped. Most of the time, your nose knows, but not always.

That’s why I invented TwoSees. They have all the benefits of an undershirt that snaps at the crotch, like keeping baby warm and not bunching up under her shirt, and more. They make your life just a little easier.

Think about having TwoSees when you don’t smell anything, but you want to know for sure if baby needs a change; like, at nap time or before you put him in the carseat.

Or think about those times when you do smell something only to undress your baby and remove her diaper only to find out she just passed a little gas. A quick check through the TwoSees’ easy-peek opening could have saved you the trouble.

Oh, and Grandmas and Grandpas LOVE TwoSees too. Many have told me that their sense of smell isn’t what it used to be and being able to take quick peeks frequently is a huge help.

One more thing…day care professionals WANT them. Think about smelling a poop in a room full of kids wearing bodysuits without an easy peek opening.

And of course, your baby will LOVE YOU for them.

So fast and easy, don’t you wonder why no one’s thought of this before?

Each of the three gift TwoSees has a different design of my own creation. I use only soft, non-toxic, water-based screen-print dyes, which feel like fabric, not plastic.

The cute yellow organza bag and “Baby is Sleeping” doorknob hanger and the cotton tote are my gifts to you.


So happy to introduce ourselves.

I’m the inventor of TwoSees and the Chief Executive Grandma for Little Parakeet. My husband, Art, and I have been cohorts for 42 years and he serves as the Vice Poppop of Operations. Together we run the business in Somers, a suburb of NYC.

We have a daughter, Carissa who is married to Kurt, and they live in Brooklyn, NY with their daughter, Cassady. Our son, Evan lives in Vail, CO with his wife Elizabeth, and their son Ethan. Like any parents and grandparents, we know that our kids and grandkids are the best. Our lives would be incomplete without them, to say the least.

Art has worked his entire life in the auto parts business. For the past 25 years, he’s owned and operated his own store in the Bronx, NY.

I have a much more diversified past, having been a stay-at-home mom, worked for non-profits, owned a photography business, sold life insurance and, for the last 13 years, worked as a senior consultant for an international business consulting firm.

I was “right-sized” at the end of 2012, so Art and I agreed to start a new business with an invention I had created a few years ago, now called TwoSees.

Cassady was the inspiration for TwoSees and Ethan is our model. It’s nice having our grandkids involved in the business.


(For people who like stories)

I was grocery shopping with my one-year old granddaughter when I thought I smelled something. The “sniff test” was inconclusive. My shopping cart was almost full and Cassady was sitting in the seat, wearing a Onesie under her pants and shirt.

With no restroom to use and no place to lie her down, I parked my cart, put on our hats, coats and mittens, and headed out to the car. By then it had started to snow and you know what it’s like to juggle a baby, a purse and a diaper bag in a slippery parking lot.

I put her on the cold back seat of my car, wrestled down her pants, lifted her leg, put my finger into the leg opening, and pulled it open to take a peek. Empty. All that for nothing.

“There has to be an easier way,” I thought as I got her dressed again and hiked back into the supermarket. But my cart wasn’t where I left it. In a frantic search of the aisles, I found an employee returning my cart’s contents to the shelves. Cold and cranky (me, not the baby), I had to re-shop for half my list.

When I got home, I searched the Internet for a snap-at-the-crotch undershirt with an opening in the back that would allow me to do a quick butt check. It didn’t exist. So I invented it. The TwoSee was born and is now patent pending.

I named the company Little Parakeet, my nickname for Cassady. As a baby, she had feathery little tufts of hair, loved looking at herself in the mirror, and quieted down if you put something over her head (facts you might only know about parakeets if your grandparents had them as pets


Opening a new business is always risky, but starting one with a brand new product is even more challenging. Once I invented TwoSees in my mind, I had to actually DO something to make it happen.

Before TwoSees, I had no prior experience in apparel, retail or the cut-and-sew industry. I had never designed anything, sourced materials or manufactured a product, and I knew nothing about LLCs, patents, trademarks or registrations.

To get started, we bought a bunch of baby bodysuits and began cutting holes in the back. The first prototype sported a horizontal opening. We thought it was perfect, and it looked perfect on my big doll, Penny Play Pal. But then we put it on Cassady. Good thing we did because we uncovered several issues with the design. The large hole gapped open when she bent over, and the back of the shirt hung down into her diaper, serving as a wick. In addition, the whole thing kind of bunched up at the waist, or over the waist or under the waist depending on the pants she wore.

We started experimenting with a vertical opening, trying various sizes and widths. Once we had what we wanted, we found a cut-and-sew professional and had prototypes made.

From there it was all about sourcing manufacturers to produce TwoSees, sending various factories expensive prototypes just to be ignored or quoted such high prices as to make their manufacturing a financial impossibility.

Eventually, we got through it all and are proud to say we have a nicely stocked “warehouse” of a product that we hope will make moms’ lives a little easier and babies’ butts a little happier.